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 Заголовок сообщения: Features, short about the server, FAQ.
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One window, no bots. All players at this server are playing exclusively!! in one window and without bots. The administration strictly monitors this, I personally have been checked more than once, although I don`t use bots/double log. When trying to fast relog, a weakness effect will be added for 3 minutes. These three minutes the player can not take part in PvP. Of course, you can, but I don`t suggest to do it :)

APK. There is RolePlay AntiPlayerKiller project on the server! Do not kill peaceful players (at least from start), otherwise, you can trap into the blacklist and find a bunch of unnecessary enemies! You can color by faction using Alt+F, Ctrl+F.

Combat modes. There are two combat modes- Real time and Turn-based. But the TB mode will close after a certain number of moves and it can not be opened again! To go out of the battle in the RT affects the weared armor. For sneakers the sequence is important - the higher it is, the faster it is possible to return back into the sneak mode.

Cities in the wasteland are unguarded. Except: Arroyo, Westwood, part of Dryfield, the inner part of the NCR, the inner part of the VC. Almost all the time one protected city is present (from the list: Klamath, Den, Modok, Gekko, Redding). Don`t try to attack in the protected city. Don`t try to wear weapons in active slots (additional slot too) in constantly guarded cities. Arroyo and Westwood - every forbidden item will be deleted from your inventory/active slot!!!

Rating. On the server, there is a global rating and rating of the particular character. The global rating is increased by 1 with each real day. The rating of the character can not be higher than its level or global rating. Some events on the server are launched when the character has enough rating. For example, to buy 5 PA in SF from AXS-7 you need 100 rating (the maximum limit). That is, 100 days after the beginning of the session and provided that player 99 level and passed the daily quest - he will have 100 rating and he can go and buy 5 PA. Easy task.

Exhaust. There is a parameter "Exhaust", which is added when mining, cutting trees, etc,. 30min is the limit, otherwise, you will not be able to move normally on the World map. Has no special problems for players, if you don`t smoke cigarettes in game :)

Craft is possible in two ways:
1. Getting professions (Ask Martin Frobisher in Arroyo)
2. The way of knowledge. By dismantling stuff near the workbench or using science on NPC corpses, you can increase your knowledge (the level of knowledge can be viewed in the character menu by pressing C). After reaching a certain level of knowledge in the crafting menu will be added crafting of new items. In the menu itself, you can choose which branch you want to use if you take both the profession and enough knowledge for crafting the item. The number of necessary resources may be different.
P.s. Knowledge and professions also affect the chance of getting an implant when using science on the corpses of mutants/Enclave guardsmen/BoS patrolmen. The profession responsible for this is the Pharmacist, the knowledge is Biology, and there is also a bonus from the paramedic bag. Total about 1% chance at max stats. Implants:
Crafting armors can give an additional few bonuses. Weapons can have bonuses, but they can be modified by Skeeter to Gekko for 15k (standard set of improvements, random).

Perks, traits, skills etc.
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Charisma DON`T give a chance to evade the enemy's attack any more. Evasion work with a hex attack.
Perks: there are Uberperks on the server. Usually, the players select the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. when planning a character. In such a way as to be an ideal Terminator (100% anti-crit), Sniper (100% crit), Expendable (fast and 15 base AP) etc. For the further details look at Wiki.
There is a new character class called "Combat Engineer". the In addition to conventional firearms, he can build fortifications, shoot by mortar (requires targeting from other players), repair weapons/armor of allies without removing them from the player, set automatic turrets. The character is very complicated in management and costs a lot, so it is not very popular among players. But sometimes you can meet 4-5 skilled combat engineers on the spawn point, which reflect the attack of 10 or more players.
The soft cap level is 28. The skill points are given up to the 30th level. At the 30th level, you can not take the perks that were previously, but new perks are opened, the list is here: ... ters-perks

Bases and safe places. The cheapest base in the game is 40k (for +10k you can chose a plase for your base on a WM). You can buy it from hubologists in the bank (money can be in the account). In addition to the bases in the game, there are 2 hotels - in Arroyo and Westwood. When viewing the city with the town/world button, you can enter the hotel. It is free of charge, it does not have access by strangers, things are automatically spread out by the type in boxes. One more (almost) safe place - in a bank (most of the cities have it). But for visiting the containers room you need to pay some coins (Don`t get close to the door without invitation - guards can kill you). The faction system allows you to quickly and easily add and remove faction players to any sub base.
There is also an automatic base cleaner - a robot that you can buy in Den from Smitty (you need the robot parts that you can get in the Sierra or from the merchants on the SF caravans). For the correct operation of the robot, you need to mark the containers on the base with by using any item from your inventory on a container. You can mark the trunks of cars! To see marking - press Alt, but if it`s first time right after the marking - change location or restart client first.

Medals. There is a system of medals, in the game you can get about 150 medals (even 200, but it`s unreal). 10 medals can be exchanged for 10 skills (AXS-7, SF, 80 max), or 5 medals for 15 additional carry weight, but only up to 200 (in addition, you can abuse drawbacks from the jet and buffout). Medals can be obtained by quests (Martin Frobisher, Arroyo, the "Achievements" section should appear in your Pip-Boy) or NPC killings ... hievements.

Replication: 90 seconds. Up to level 28 replication is free, in few squares near clothest city, where Death found you. After the 28th level, replication costs 2500 coins and it is better to prepay it, otherwise, there will be a lot of trouble that it is better to avoid :). Perk Replicanto and prepay for the replication for the 1 day ahead for 5k can solve the problem with frequent deaths. For prepay ask hubologiest in any bank.

Arena. There is an Arena in Westwood for lvl 28+. One duel (any fight 1x1 or 5x5) costs 1000 coins and each player must contribute 100 personal money. After the battle, some of the money is returned to the winners.

Boat. In the game, you can swim by boat on the sea. There is Atoll location, which you can visit only by boat/vertibird. There is a parking place for the boat in Navarro - useful when the car arrived to Navarro (Morrison event).

There are a lot of quests, fortunately, many of them are useful - medals, dungeons, many quests give an increase in skills.
There is a daily task that gives + 20HP for 1 day.
There are businesses in Reno, which give + 30HP (only one at a time can be held, it is almost impossible to obtain).
There is a chain of quests for + 1AP (Johan Harman, inner city VC) Requirements 48 killed men, outdoors 91.
There is a chain of quests for + 1AP Requirements: 200 lockpick skill when completing the last quest. (Rihanna, Den)
There is a chain of quests for 12AC (Reno, Jesse James) no requirements
Operation at +4 anti crit/crit (NCR, Dr. Klaus). Requirements: 21 NCR reputation, 50k coins. This is a very tricky requirement, but the reward is worth it because it saves 1 Str/Luck for terminators/snipers. Example for the Terminator - you can make 9 Str. and 10 Endur. - you will be a 95% Terminator, after completing the quest will be 99% Term.
There is a quest for +1 Charisma if the charisma is less than 4 (only for female characters, speech 80, reputation in VC 10 - you need to make a quest on the starting location, stop (!!) the generator outside the door near the ghoul)
Quests for skills can be looked here, using (for now) google translator viewforum.php?f=122

Events, global events.
Periodically, the server is attacked by an infection. The event lasts for several hours (near 10), there is Armageddon on the server at this time, crowds of zombies, blood, guts, shit... The one who will make the main quest these days gets an increase to the stats (not very weighty). Also, there is a huge number of global events, a message about them comes on the radio, channel 0.
Exploration of the Enclave - in Westwood the appropriate quest is taken, a location appears between Klamath and Navarro, in this location, there is a battle between NPC and factions. When the boss is destroyed, you can obtain 2 random implants from his body.
The novice Criz, Morrison - in Vault 15/Navarro come cars with valuable top details, a big fight is possible.
Mutants shout at the radio that they have a superweapon and they are ready to exterminate the world - in a real hour at the Cathedral there will be a big fight for the implant.
Big Hunt - come to town, you need to kill 4-6 guys with improved damage - loot `em and get a small bonus (rare drugs, weapons etc.)
A delegation of Habologists. You can trade with them (only for coins) or you can kill if the city is unguarded (they don`t want to die, really). After midnight GMT+3 it is no more half-top armors at this event.
Mariposa - temporary Vertibird (2 weeks). To gone the vertibird is very difficult, a group of 10 players - it is possible if at least one of them has an experience.
Franchesca`s Holodisk - this *** again lost her holodisk, you need to find it. The problem is that most of the players are looking for it, the remaining ones shoot back those who are looking for it, in the hope of finding a holodisk on the body of a loser. The event can be launched by a character with a ~150 trade in Arroyo. The reward can be implant.
The Old Hell. A very large location, the coordinates of which can be taken from the Walking Ghoul (based on the global rating). The Old Hell respawns once a week, there you can always find the APA and many interesting things. To go there solo is strictly not recommended (at least 3 very experienced players, but likely 10+, because everyone want APA)
When killing players in some cities auto messages are typing on 0 channel of radio. So beware, it can be dangerous there. You can ignore annoying players on 0 channel if you type ~ignore Playernick (not sure about command)
Link to a full description of events: ... rld-events.

If you have 100%+ Outdoorsman skill and 2+ levels of "Wasteland Dweller" mastery perk - tracking circle will appear on World Map. You will be able to see groups of players if the Outdoorsman skill of the leader of the group is lower than yours at least by 1. Hence the conclusion: don`t go with the group if your leader's Outdoorsman skill is low. You'll become an easy target.
You can also see all the groups in the certain radius if you grab the "Abandoned Outpost". To get it, take a radio and put it in utility slot, after you get the satellite frequency from the Abandoned Outpost computer. That computer is located in a middle of the bulding, past the automatic defense turrets. Each Abandoned Outpost have it's own unique circle of tracking, inside which you'll be able to spot any group moving regardless of your Skill.

This section is quite limited and usually they're pretty much useless.
You can buy:
A dog from Joe's in Modoc, costs 1500.
Repair Robot from Smitty in Den.
Up to three Shi fighters in San-Franciso.
Most useful here is the dog - it can be a trouble for non-terminator characters since it has big crit chance., the rest are useless - the living shield.

Effects and some non-obvious features.
There are smoke grenades on the server. Smoke gives a bonus to dodge for players who are in it. Laser sight, wearing on a weapon almost completely ignores the smoke. Smoke can be thrown from an additional slot at 80+ Throwing skill.
Shooting a burst depends on the skill.
There are mustard grenades, which very strongly poison characters with 0 level of protection against poison. There are also effects of tics from plasma, fire, and laser. Damage is not immediately applied but after reaching the critical level/after a few seconds.
Try to avoid to make similar raids in narrow corridors at this server - there is a possibility to be undermined on plastids. It is not visible, the characters without "light steps" die in 95% of cases. Plastids are usually undermined by sneakers.
There is an effect of suppression - reduces the review, the ability to aim and other joys of normal life.
Also there is the effect of "bleeding" - it takes away a lot of HP and it`s not removed if the character does not use a doctor skill on himself (tricky shit for non-terminators, because it applies only with a good crit against you, so most probably you will have -15AP while bleeding on the ground).

Lvlup! The easiest way to Lvlup a character from the start is to do quests in Arroyo. There, each NPC can give a quest, many are repetitive. There is also the Church location near Arroyo - but it is not yet translated into English. In the Church, you can get somewhere around 20k of experience in 20-30min, provided that you have the right stuff for quests (non-repeatable). The same 20k can be obtained by killing centaurs/deathclaws in 10 minutes, is my idea clear?

The way to get the loot: At first the most profitable farm will be at the encs near SF (Hubs vs mercs). NPCs kill each other, you loot corpses, but only after all NPCs are looted. Then you can farm private locations, dungeons ... For solo farm, there is a variant of a thief - with 300 skill and all perks on a thief you can easily steal from merchants on caravans. But you need to survive if fail, so try to think about build first.

Additionally, I recommend that you view the wiki, section, there is a lot of useful information written there, completely in English.

Useless info.
There is an RP mode (I never used it) ... rt:rpregim
There are books - you can use 10pcs, pre-war books - 20.

Any corrections are welcome!

Wasteland Rangers

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The Thief trait.
If you forgot or didn`t know.
I remind you that the Thief can find hidden items in containers.
For this, use theft on a container (in cities), it is possible to find a stash in the container (depends on the skill of theft).
Container updating time is few real hours.

Key Combinations
Ctrl + G - (standing on a hex with a pack of items) - opens temporary backpack, which can help you to pick up items from the ground
Alt + Shift + click- (in Inventory menu, not working with a trader table) - helps you to put and take items from inventory really fast
A+G - ( smoke/fire/mustard grenades in an additional slot, throwing more then 80 for smoke) - now you can throw nades from additional slot.
Alt +A - (underbarrel is installed) throw 40mm grenade in your enemies
Ctrl + Y - (underbarrel is installed) change type of ammo of your underbarrel launcher.
Alt + L - (on WM) turn off/on encounters. Encs with players and special encs still will be seen. No exp for enc, so no chance to obtain Master Dweller.
Alt + S - turn off/on walls and roofs
This and other features you can see by pressing F1.

Wasteland Rangers

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