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You can find now special zones, where there will be no other encounters except for Rad Roaches and rare Yao Guai. They're filled with corpses, natural and technogenical phenomenons.

6:21, 6:22, 6:23,
7:21, 7:22, 7:23,
8:21, 8:22, 8:23.

You can encounter up to 40 events, positive and negative. Mosly negative, though.
You can save yourself wearing Rubber Boots or Gas Mask from consequences of getting negative encounter. Hazmat Suit can help you with Radiation, but it won't help against Poisoning. Zone squares are the only places your Hazmat Suit can get destroyed.
While crossing the Zones, you can get encounter with one of those positive or negative effects or you'll be ambushed by Rad Roach.

If you'll manage to find a Parking Lot (two containers) - in one of them you'll find an armor (with chances for armor to be Tier 3) or once in 3-8 hours there can be found a Tier 4 or Tier 3 craft resource.
On Parking Lot you'll encounter three Yao Guai, which can be a deadly threat to a solo person.

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