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Reroll mechanics introduction.
Ability to re-distribute skillpoints, perks, etc.

To activate, you need to send ~deleteself command via chat, in order to delete the character.

Character has to have more then 300k experience;
Character has to have money in inventory equal to Experience/5.
If any of those values are less then required, book won't appear.

After the activation, a book will appear underneath a character.
Character will turn into a vegetable state if the book is created.
After you log off the character which used the command and wait for 5 minutes, it will be deleted permanently.

If the book didn't appear below the character - it means you're not hitting some requirements.

Reroll book useage:
The book contains Experience, basic quests (+1 AP from Vault-City, +4 crit or anticrit from NCR, +10 AC from New Reno, +1 AP from Lockpick quest), implants.
The book can only be used by characters with ther level not higher than 3.
After being read for the first time, the book will attach to a reader. Noone else will be able to read it afterwards. The character can't read any other reroll book as well, obviously.
Reroll book will disappear after being read till it's end.

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