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All professions started from Arroyo, we go to Arroyo and speak with Martin Frobisher and teach a profession level 1 (you can learn 2 professions in total).
Pharmacist (requirements for level 4 are 120 doctors and 12 lvl).
Level 2 - go to Redding and ask the doctor about training, he asks you to help first, referring you to the dock with the NCR, take the medications from the doctor and return to Redding to the dock (if you lose your medications, you can bring your own).
Level 3 - we go to the NCR and also ask about training, he asks you to bring some medicines (5 doctor's bags).
Level 4 - go to the SF, go to the dock, ask about the training, and also fulfill the doctor's request (20 antiradins).
Gunsmith (requirements for level 4, 200 SG and 12 lvl).
Level 2 - go to Klamath, help Vick (quests: bring 6 ruts and 6 knives, carry spears, interrogate 5 caravans, recruit 7 boys, bring 7 tools).
Level 3 - go to Redding and help the sheriff with Rooney's widow (order of execution: sheriff - Rooney - sheriff - Majeska - bartender in the afterlife cafe (north entrance) - sheriff - doctor - children, you start a dialogue so many times with the child until the desired branch appears, give him an apple - sheriff - bartender - sheriff).
Level 4 - go to the NCR, talk to the sheriff and complete the quest with walkie-talkies (visit 8 guards), before that you need to take the quest from the bartender inside the city for a party.
Minesweeper (requirements for level 4 100 traps or 160 throwing and 12 lvl)
Level 2 - we go to Modoc, from Joe we go to reconnoitre the farm and after that we learn the skill.
Level 3 - go to Redding, go to McGray and give 10,000 coins.
Level 4 - go to the BH to the Zaurus, bring 5 dynamite and learn the skill.
Armor (requirements for 4 level 125 Outdors)
Level 2 - go to Den to Smitty (mechanic at the junkyard), hand over rubber boots, learn the skill.
Level 3 - go to Modoc to Jose (the mechanic opposite the white house of capture), approach and hand over the shovel, ax and ordinary knife (after asking him about the drought), learn the skill.
Level 4 - go to Gecko to Skeeter, hand over 3 super repair kits and learn the skill.
Mechanic (requirements for 4 level 200 BG)
Level 2 - go to the VC, go to Randle (warehouse manager, to the right of the entrance in the inner city) and give the super tool kit.
Level 3 - go to the NCR, take the exploration quest, examine the cells around Redding and learn the skill. (from sgt. in the fence in outer city, need to be killed ~60man)
Level 4 - go to the BH to Markus, give 100 armor-piercing (red) 5 mm rounds and learn the skill.
Energetic (requirements for level 4 200 EW)
2nd level - we go to Reno to Mason (Salvatore bar, 2nd floor) and give him the exp. laser rifle (exp.=24 ammo).
Level 3 - go to the NCR to Buster and give 5000 coins.
Level 4 - go to the SF to Ken Lee (in the Palace the doctor, at the throne), bring 50 microcircuits and teach the skill (Note: to start a conversation with the doctor, you need to raise your charm =4, in this case alcohol will help).

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