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any guides how to lvl up quickly ?
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Автор:  Paxton [ 14 сен 2017, 23:50 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  any guides how to lvl up quickly ?

Right i have 10 lvl already and i wonder how to level up faster
about quests in arroyo i done some quests there and i had one quest not translated , about pipboy quest descriptions are not translated , i do every possible activity there like killing NPCs and sciencing courpses but i feel it goes little bit slowly

Any ideas how to level up much faster ?

Автор:  reychal [ 14 сен 2017, 23:59 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: any guides how to lvl up quickly ?

do more quests(modoc, the den), or find friend(s) who can help you with lvl up.

Автор:  Айсман [ 15 сен 2017, 00:15 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: any guides how to lvl up quickly ?

Private farms:
Klamath - in a house with Smiley its Ardin
Gecko - Vuze? ghoul - bartender up from the bank.
Modoc - farmer with dog at North entrance
Reding - bartender Loo in mamlute saloon up from south entrance
An all of them you need to ask about "Do you need the service of the fighter?"
If you have Russian dialogue - try to use keywords Farm - "ферма" or "боец, бойца" - fighter

If you need free stuff for your actions - go near SF, search encounters with hubologists fights with someone and loot them, after all NPC loot.
Or kill survived ones if you are tough enough

Increase knowledge - it will give you a lot of exp! Dismantle items in a hotel near the workbench in Arroyo/Westwood or use science on dead bodies!
http://fonlinew.ru/?znan Here you have list of knowledge and little hint!!! When you place your cursor on a hyperlink - on a bottom left side of the screen you can see this link with translated keywords!!! Enjoy!

You can ask someone in Arroyo to help you with leveling. It`s always some APK guys, which are recruiting or just making roleplay there or in Klamath.

You can start quests +1AP and +12AC.
+1AP - VC, inner city Johan Hartman (need outdors 91, 48 killed men). Not hard, need to kill hideout of supermuties, its the hardest part. But you can invite someone to help, location stay permanent.
+12AC - Jassie James in New reno. Start is 5 private locations, but need to kill strong NPC - big deathclaws, 3 NPC with laser rifle, sniper rifle and minigun. So better lvl 18+

After 15-18 lvl (when you will have Brof and terminator) you can search somewhere around 9 16 - it`s a lot of death claws, floaters etc. On some enc, you can find doors or other places, where you can be attacked only by 1-2 opponents. Actually, enc with a house and 1 door is the best choice. Don't forget to buy rad-x/ rad-away or chem defense suit (100% def from contact poisoning and radiation)

Автор:  VVish [ 15 сен 2017, 12:21 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: any guides how to lvl up quickly ?

The fastest way to exactly level up - is to go straight to Death Valley with grenades\flamethrower, find encounter with trees\house where only 1 hex passage for you will be available, then AoE NPC's till they die. If you have a friend that can help you - that can be even faster, ask him to run around while NPCs will tail him, then you'll do the shooting.

AI mechanic is dumb for NPCs on locations, they'll tail the closest attacker, so all you need is to either kill them in doorways, or get a friend's help.

Автор:  Chosen [ 16 сен 2017, 10:42 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: any guides how to lvl up quickly ?

If u are alone and newbie, or not so newbish. U can go to Arroyo and become on of them (after dialog with Kovan), after that yuo will have free replication, and you will be able to take quests from him. There is 1 great lvling quest Animal Hunting. You can do it until u will be 28lvl, should been taken with mpty inventory, all necessary items will be given to you on site.

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