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 Заголовок сообщения: Problems with washing machine shock absorbers
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Fixing a broken washing machine is one of the most requested home repairs by citizens, according to a study carried out by HomeServe. This task requires around one hour and 15 minutes of work: a quarter of an hour to diagnose the fault and the rest to solve it. Among all the possible setbacks, one of the most common is the wear of the washing machine's shock absorbers, being one of the 5 most common washing machine breakdowns.

There are 3 signs that raise suspicion that your washing machine has this problem. Today we show you what they are so that you can notify a professional as soon as you detect them. And an extra: we also point out what other technical faults this appliance may have. Go for it!

How to know if the washing machine shock absorbers have broken
The shock absorbers of the washing machine are the Honduras Mobile Number List parts that absorb the vibrations of the drum, stabilizing the machine during its operation, especially during spinning. If they are damaged, you will begin to observe strange behaviors in your washing machine . Namely:

Tremors when spinning and rattles when the revolutions accelerate.
Internal hits of the drum against metal walls and other elements.
Displacements. Yes, yes: the washing machine works. And it's not a matter of ghosts, Salvador's word.
Washing Machine|HomeServe

Problems with washing machine leveling
Apart from a fault in the shock absorbers, there is only one other diagnosis that causes these movements in the washing machine: incorrect leveling . You can check for yourself if this is what happens:


Disconnect the washing machine from the electrical power.
Tilt it carefully and check the surface it sits on and the legs. Check that they have not suffered any damage, that no objects interfere with the placement of the appliance, and that the floor is not uneven.
Looking inside the washing machine: the 'cotton test'
To make sure that your washing machine's shock absorbers are the culprit, there is only one way left: open the washing machine and come face to face with them . If you dare to try it, keep in mind that you must not only unplug the washing machine, but also remove the water inlets. Next, you will have to unscrew the back cover to access the interior of the appliance.

Washing machines usually have four shock absorbers. There are two types of these spare parts.

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